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【人事科】OG真人生命科学及生命信息交叉领域 招聘国家青年人才计划(青年千人、青年长江、青年拔尖、优青)入选人或申请人

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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC) Recruitment for Candidates/Applicants of National Young Talents Program——Young Thousand Talents, Young Yangzi River Scholars, Young Outstanding Scholars and Excellent Young Scientists Fund in Life Science and Life Information Interdisciplinary fields


Dear experts, professors, teachers, students and friends,


)生命科学及生命信息交叉领域涉及生命科学与技术学院、神经信息教育部重点实验室(科技部国际联合研究中心)、OG真人信息医学研究中心、OG真人信息生物学研究中心、高场磁共振脑成像四川省重点实验室等单位,长期面向全球、全国招聘国家青字号人才,包括国家青年千人计划、长江学者青年项目、青年拔尖人才和优秀青年基金获得者的入选人或有潜力的申请人 。应聘领域包括但不限于神经科学与行为学Neuroscience & behavior , 现为ESI 1 %学科)、生物学与生物化学(Biology & biochemistry)、精神病学/心理学(Psychiatry / psychology)、神经工程、模式识别、机器学习、大数据、人工智能、计算神经科学、视觉科学、医学成像、微纳医学、生物信息学、合成生物学、系统生物学、计算生物学等。

 The interdisciplinary research fields of life science and life information in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC website address: "/">www.uestc.edu.cn

) cross over a number of units on the campus, including the School of Life Science and Technology, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Neuro information(Ministry of Science and Technology funded International Joint Research Center), the Center for Information in Medicine, the Center for Informational Biology, as well as Sichuan Province Key Laboratory for High Field MRI Brain Imaging. It is their joint interest to infinitely recruit national young talents from home and abroad. The research fields include but are not limited to: neuroscience & behavior(UESTC is now in the top 1% by Essential Science Indicators-ESI in this field), biology & biochemistry, psychiatry / psychology, neural engineering, pattern recognition, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience, visual science, medical imaging, micro nano medicine, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, systems biology, computational biology and so on.   

OG真人高度重视国家青字号人才的引进和培育工作 ,有非常丰富的经验和成果  。2016年申报成功入选国家青年千人计划13人  ,在全国排名第10,目前学校拥有国家青年千人计划入选者44人。学校对应聘人员提供优越的研究条件与待遇,全力支持和保障青年人才在校的研究工作和作用发挥 。生命科学及生命信息交叉领域作为学校大力发展的战略学科 ,现已有非华裔全职千人计划入选者4人(2名外专千人、1名大千和1名青千),国际化师资比例达到国内一流大学水平 。

The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC) attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of national young talents, hence has accumulated rich experience and fruitful achievements. In 2016, UESTC successfully supported 13 scientists to be  awarded as National Young Thousand Talents, ranked the 10th among all universities in China. Up till now, UESTC has employed 44 Young Thousand Talent awardees to work here full time. Our University provides excellent research conditions and treatment to the candidates, and fully supports and encourages their research work and academic role in UESTC. The discipline of Life Science and its related areas as a strategic field that the University endeavors to greatly promote, now has attracted 4 non-Chinese national Thousand Talents working full time in UESTC(2 Foreign Thousand Talent professors, 1 Thousand Talent professor and 1 young Thousand Talent professor). The proportion of international staff has reached the standard of first-class universities in China.

非常欢迎有兴趣到OG真人从事生命科学及生命信息交叉研究的青年才俊 ,请将您的简历发送到huangbl@uestc.edu.cn,邮件标题格式为"应聘青年人才+姓名 ",联系电话:86-28-83208238,联系人:黄老师(手机:86-13882114070,陈老师(手机:86-18380236657)。

We warmly welcome young talents specialized in the fields of life science and its related areas to work in UESTC. Anyone interested in joining us please send your resume to "/">hangbl@uestc.edu.cn

, with a tile “Young Talent application + your name”. Telephone contact: 86-28-83208238; Ms. Huang(Mobile Phone: 86-13882114070), Mr. Chen(Mobile Phone: 86-18380236657).


It is highly appreciated if you can also pass this message to your teachers, colleagues, postgraduate students, PhD students, friends or relatives. Great thanks to your help!



Official Website of the School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC:



Official Website of the Center for Information in Medicine:



Official Website of the Center for Informational Biology:



Official Website of the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Neuro information: